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How to Succeed at a Job Interview?

There are many people that when they are looking for a new job will manage to get interviews, but when it comes to actually landing the job failure is constant. Just one or two interview are not such a big deal, it could simply be that they are no longer a match. But at the same time, those two interviews could be the beginning of a trend, a trend of continued unemployment or underemployment.

Before The Interview

Be sure you are groomed as perfectly as possible. Dress for success, regardless of the position. The job is not important to the fact that a prospective employer will look at you and know that they will never see you looking any better than you do when you arrive at your interview. Wearing a tank top and cut off jeans is not the way to impress your employer.

Arrive well before the time of your interview. Once you know how long transportation will take and add alot to that time estimate. Arriving late makes you seem like you have no concern for time, this is something all managers consider.

Get a portfolio or other nice folder to carry extra copies of your resume as well as a notebook for making notes.

interview | Tampa Job Hub

At The Interview

Assuming you have listened to the points above, you have arrived and are now ready for the interview proper. Be open with your statements and with the interviewer. Be sure you smile, no matter how bad your day was. They do not really want to know how you are, it is just a common form of greeting. As this is a general guide, we will stay general. Do not lie or embellish the truth. Overstating the truth a little, that may be okay depending on the subject, but lying is not advisable.

If you claim you have a skill, be prepared to answer questions about that skill. If it is not really that well known, such as a skill that you have not used alot in recent times, then re-familiarize yourself with the skill. If that is not possible it would be more advisable to drop it from the resume then appear to be a liar. Liars do not get hired. Don’t be afraid to say ‘I do not know’ your honesty will become a refreshing highlight for your interviewer

Body Language

Face the interviewer and keep eye contact. If you can’t keep eye contact the interviewer may see you as shifty or otherwise hiding something. If there are multiple interviewers, switch from one set of eyes to another. When answering questions, answer them as concisely as possible, but be careful not to ramble on the answers. If you fine you are rambling state so. Do not talk until you are signaled by the interviewer. You answer is based on your timetable, not the interviewer. Do not be afraid of silences, in a normal conversation having silences is to be expected. So accept they will happen. Only a liar will be someone that is worried about filling every moment.

Listening Carefully

Be sure to take notes when the interviewer tells you about the company. In fact take notes throughout the interview. Doing this will make the interviewer know that you are interested in the position. Before you leave be sure you state that you want the job, and at the very end be sure you ask for the job. Many jobs are lost by the fact that the applicant did not ask for the position.

On money be careful to stay away from numbers whenever possible. Stating something like “I would think I would be on the mid to high range for similar employees.” may do far more than a hard number. State one that is too high and you will not be considered at all. State on that is too low and you may by this fact confirm you are not qualified, when in fact that is not the case.

Keeping It Real

The last piece of advice is that you need to reach but not reach out of your league. If you reach for something too high for you, you will be unable to obtain the position. But if you don’t reach at all you could show you lack ambition. It can be difficult picking the right job to apply for, but that can be nearly as important as all the rest of the suggestions above.